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Post  Liike20ninjas on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:03 am


[23:45:55 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : I believe the time has started
[23:45:58 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : whats up fields
[23:46:06 07/01/12] shaquestafields : ah trufe
[23:46:10 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : nvermind we will touch base later
[23:46:11 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : the people who are not here will have to simply be brought up to speed
[23:46:22 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so lets begin this first clan meeting of the new year
[23:46:32 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : also the first chatbox meeting ever
[23:46:46 07/01/12] Bylerboy : is this the first clan meeting in general? lol
[23:46:56 07/01/12] shaquestafields : trufe
[23:46:57 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : no youngin
[23:47:01 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : dats wats up
[23:47:03 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : but the first one with more than 8
[23:47:06 07/01/12] SilentSoskie :
[23:47:26 07/01/12] BamBamm20 : ok so wats the subject
[23:47:26 07/01/12] Bylerboy : legit, i love to think im part of somethin bigger anyways xD
[23:47:38 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so welcome everyone to this meeting and hell lets jump right the fuck into this, since ginbread and angel can't make it
[23:47:50 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : first and foremost the most major problem is simple
[23:47:56 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : who here knows everyone on
[23:47:57 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas :
[23:47:59 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that list
[23:48:11 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : the answer is
[23:48:17 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : not a god damn one of you
[23:48:18 07/01/12] shaquestafields : noone?
[23:48:24 07/01/12] ArmoredNinja : Hey imma be busy reggie is gonna stand in for me
[23:48:25 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so lets change that
[23:48:25 07/01/12] BamBamm20 : i knw most except the halo recruts
[23:48:27 07/01/12] giomarman123 : who are you?
[23:48:40 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : ya give ninja the floor
[23:48:44 07/01/12] giomarman123 : whats halo?
[23:48:50 07/01/12] BamBamm20 : hes is the founder
[23:49:06 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : let ninja finish
[23:49:10 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : hold all question and sarcasim till the end
[23:49:20 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : lol
[23:49:27 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : ty
[23:49:28 07/01/12] ArmoredNinja : Ill hafta tell you bout it later 20 its personal
[23:49:41 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : ok
[23:49:48 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : i'll hit you up after the meeting
[23:49:58 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : seriously though you guys don't know each other
[23:50:06 07/01/12] ArmoredNinja : thats cool call or text
[23:50:15 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : you guys are very much in independence mode, with no one knowing any one else
[23:50:15 07/01/12] Bylerboy : is that list up to date?
[23:50:20 07/01/12] giomarman123 : hi im gio and my addiction is mw3
[23:50:45 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : yea let go ahead and start with a simple round of introductions before we get to the next point
[23:50:48 07/01/12] shaquestafields : ssssh
[23:51:10 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so I al liike20ninjas, I am the founder and co-leader of this clan and well fuck I love me some god damn halo
[23:51:12 07/01/12] Bylerboy : Im Byler
[23:51:22 07/01/12] ArmoredNinja : for all my mw3 peeps whats happening pimpen l8ter
[23:52:00 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : nilmethod we are doing a round of introductions
[23:52:05 07/01/12] nilmethod : yeah, i saw the backlog
[23:52:08 07/01/12] shaquestafields : im shaq... and i too love me some halo... im technically an inheritor on reach
[23:52:09 07/01/12] nilmethod : not sure how i got disconnected
[23:52:14 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : oh well damn
[23:52:24 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : Im midcash and I love the halo and BF3 and my Gamer tag is as shown
[23:52:32 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I'm omg, I play Mw3 and I am one of the clan leaders
[23:52:39 07/01/12] giomarman123 : BF3!!
[23:52:42 07/01/12] nilmethod : i'm nilmethod, i tend to play reach most evenings.
[23:52:48 07/01/12] nilmethod : just a recruit
[23:52:58 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : Silent here.. i'm a goes of MW2, Black Op's (but the disk currently isn't here) and MW3, I like revenge and don't talk much.. unless i'm angry, or as armord says, drinking! 25 with a kid, so you won't see me on that much~ recruit
[23:52:59 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : ^feel ya
[23:54:00 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : If we are getting personal I like taking long walks on the beach and eatting fruit loops
[23:54:04 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : From Bam
[23:54:06 07/01/12] nilmethod : silent: greetings fellow parent! 28 with a kid, here.
[23:54:14 07/01/12] giomarman123 : im gio gamertag as says.. play mw3, not a clan leader or founder but im the religious idol of the clan based upon my legendary skills.
[23:54:41 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : (can't type right now)- hi i'm Bam I like to play MW3 and I dip into Halo 3!
[23:55:25 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : wait.... what the hell did gio just say
[23:55:31 07/01/12] shaquestafields : i like turtles
[23:55:55 07/01/12] shaquestafields : im the religious idol nigga
[23:55:57 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : hahaha
[23:55:59 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Okay 20 I think thats enough of the intros
[23:56:03 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : Hello nil- do NOT do the Halo thing, but use to love halo 2!
[23:56:11 07/01/12] giomarman123 : lol
[23:56:48 07/01/12] giomarman123 : halo 2 was the best and it shouldv ended there multiplayer wise
[23:56:51 07/01/12] Bylerboy :
[23:56:53 07/01/12] giomarman123 : js
[23:57:10 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : i think i have to go pick up mw3 for a day just to beat up on our 'religious idol'
[23:57:19 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY :
[23:57:20 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : agreeing with gio, but that's me.. I tried other halo's just can't do it like that
[23:57:29 07/01/12] shaquestafields : i like turtles
[23:57:34 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : still enough of that. Now that you guys know each other but lets move on to the next thing
[23:57:35 07/01/12] ArmoredNinja : you mean the great armored one
[23:57:50 07/01/12] shaquestafields : samurai.
[23:57:55 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : There is no idol
[23:57:55 07/01/12] Bylerboy : more like a tank lol
[23:58:02 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that being this place. this shit you guys are doign right now, talking about which halo is the best and why, gettign to know each other, etc etc
[23:58:22 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that is what this place is for
[23:58:43 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : yet no one uses it. are you guys scared of this location whats is going on
[23:58:46 07/01/12] Liike20ninjas : give up some inputs
[23:58:49 07/01/12] BamBamm20 : hay i am having truble typing cuz my computer slow as hell 20
[23:59:03 07/01/12] shaquestafields : i use it... but no one else does... so i dont really check
[23:59:08 07/01/12] SilentSoskie : I just signed up.. besides that, i'm imma talk to people, I want to do it ONLINE whilst I play
[23:59:21 07/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : tbh i completely forgot about this site
[23:59:28 07/01/12] nilmethod : i tend to check it once every couple of days or when i've got an email that something's been replied to
[23:59:36 07/01/12] nilmethod : i just don't post often
[23:59:36 07/01/12] Bylerboy : i never think of the website, any clan member i know i chat with typically on live
[23:59:47 07/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I peronally think everyone is busy playing the games
[00:00:03 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that is what I am hearing
[00:00:11 08/01/12] BamBamm20 : i will be on more to get to knw people but i gtta go handle sum
[00:01:16 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : which is perfectly fine and enjoyable. At the end of the day playing games and being a better gamer is what we are about. However I feel this website should allowed for Clan members to bond outside of the games, show case other talents and get to speak of other things besides the games
[00:01:36 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : at the same time i want the tactical information of our games listed here which leads to my next area of discussion
[00:01:53 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : arn't most of us friends on facebook? It kinda takes away from the "bonding" experience here.
[00:01:54 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : tactics and gaming. as everyone can see up above there is a tactics section of the forum
[00:02:02 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : this place is only seen by registered members
[00:02:24 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : oddly enough most of us are not friends on face book. even out of this group
[00:02:34 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I also think that sites like this should be more for discussing the clan itself or problems you might be having while playing with memebers
[00:02:42 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : i have a suggestion
[00:02:45 08/01/12] Bylerboy : 20 has got a point, i only have like 4 you guys on my facebook
[00:02:54 08/01/12] nilmethod : not sure anyone's posted facebook stuff
[00:03:07 08/01/12] nilmethod : and for me, for what it's worth
[00:03:09 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : make a page or a group on facebook?
[00:03:09 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Byler because you can be annoying as shit
[00:03:22 08/01/12] Bylerboy : thanks.
[00:03:32 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : just the truth
[00:03:44 08/01/12] nilmethod : silent: +1
[00:03:46 08/01/12] Bylerboy : mhm
[00:04:06 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : ninja did you see wat i put?
[00:04:27 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : Food for thought, if i'm online playing, i'm not really talking while i'm on the xbox.. bonding isn't really my thing
[00:04:28 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : we actually have a face book page
[00:04:32 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : armored hangles that
[00:04:40 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i'm more concerned about team play to be honest with you
[00:04:49 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : wat about a group we can join?
[00:04:52 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I don't twitter nil, tried it for a month and hated it
[00:04:56 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : another problem is that most of us aren't friends with our clan members on live
[00:05:14 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : ^true dat
[00:05:18 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : Can I make a semi-suggestion?
[00:05:30 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : Soskie that is the main reason for this site is the team play and the tactics session listed here. Need a place members can review tactics, discuss and come up with new tactics sechuelde to try out new things and all together get to work on team play
[00:05:53 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : shoot
[00:06:41 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : to OMG- I personally think the problem with clan members being friends.. we don't know about them.. I think it might be wise to maybe shoot out a new list once a week of new members
[00:07:23 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : to Like20, it's hard to go over tactics with just words, I could come up with an idea and it be compeltely shot down because it's not the way other members play
[00:07:25 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : we have a members list on the forum. firing off a list every week would be done via xbox live and would be... tedius
[00:08:05 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I think personally it would be better for a couple of people to shoot out tactics not everyone
[00:09:23 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : are you saying you rather have one person come up with a play book then to develop and discuss tactics that can be spread aroudn to all the members with a quick glance over in the tactics area of the forums?
[00:09:50 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I never said one I said a couple which means two ninja or even more
[00:10:10 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : You posted about the different play styles not everyone is tatical
[00:10:11 08/01/12] shaquestafields : i started writing strategies *cough*
[00:10:36 08/01/12] shaquestafields : rather map power positioning on halo
[00:10:44 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : may I?
[00:10:50 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : true not everyone is tactical and in game it would be best to regulate tactics to one or two persons makign the calls
[00:11:08 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : that sounds better
[00:11:19 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : go ahead soskie this is rather informal and everyone can and should chime in
[00:11:52 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I think it's a good idea for everyone to be at least semi-versed in all area, they don't have to be the greatest, but it's good to have a back up plan
[00:11:56 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : the forums is a place of discussion and devlopment of tactis you can implement in the game. A sort of gurella warfare approach until we have a very well established playbook we can call upon
[00:12:37 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : if OMG, Armored, myself and BAM always play together, the 4 of us can EASILY come up with a strategy to work it-IF WE LISTEN TO EACH OTHER (which personally I think needs to be worked on, but what do I know)
[00:13:22 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : I would hope so, it is one of the reasons I promote team building with in the clan
[00:13:30 08/01/12] shaquestafields : mmhhhmmm
[00:13:36 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : However, if Armored is on with me and byler jumps on we have to re-work it.. if I am in charge of taking helo's down, but I also need to be the runner, I can't do both and maybe byler is covering armored?
[00:13:38 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : however it is good to spread knowledge around to other members in the clan though right?
[00:14:11 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so you want just set partners to play with silent?
[00:14:14 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : a set team?
[00:14:34 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but we can't do that if we don't work together with times and stuff to actually WORK on it all together.. in a private match vs. your own team mates just to practice your own stratigies, or your own "specialties" to become versed
[00:14:41 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I can't do it on my own if i'm playing with morons
[00:14:52 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : but dont we have to be in clan matches first? i havent been in a single one since iv joined?
[00:15:00 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : on halo
[00:15:11 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : we will get to all that
[00:15:35 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : alrighty just wondering
[00:15:37 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Just to throw something out there if i may
[00:15:52 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : midcash the reason why we have not been in clan matchs is two fold, the first being no one knows each other so they don't play. The second being you need to delop somethign to do besides run gun and die
[00:15:55 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but then you also have the problem with times and dates.. Example, I can't be on first thing in the morning, so I would need a seperate time from other people just so that I could join in on what is actually going on
[00:15:56 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : please do
[00:16:20 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : see silentyou are hitting on why there is a tactics session. Granted you DO need play time
[00:16:26 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : you must have it if you want to mesh and work well
[00:16:42 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : but the forums have threads you can read and or contribute to at any time during the day or night
[00:16:43 08/01/12] nilmethod : i'm pretty limited to evenings, too
[00:16:45 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : There will be really no set teams. I rather have everyone know each others play styles and adapt.
[00:16:50 08/01/12] nilmethod : we've been able to get matches going
[00:16:52 08/01/12] nilmethod : well, pickup games
[00:17:01 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : where you can work out in theroy, plan and discuss tactics and time to try them out plan them or try them out against other clan members
[00:17:27 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : Omg, I feel that is a contradiction to yourself.
[00:17:58 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : you say adapt to other styles, but several times you have flat out said, I work best by myself
[00:18:30 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : that is another issue that I think we are going to run into with all of this
[00:18:38 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : This is my play style soskie while the team has them distracted i usually go behind or choose a different path
[00:18:46 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas :
[00:19:06 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : everyone should identify their play styles and use this as a guiode when finding other players until you are pretty comfortable
[00:19:20 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : OMG and Armored work well together, there is no doubt in that.. but throw a few other people into the game with you guys and all hell breaks loose and shit gets lost in the confusion
[00:19:25 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : the best thing about clans is you have people who can be assigned roles and you know off the bat that is what they will do
[00:20:06 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : which is why silent we need to build a database of tactics in our forums so that way everyone can get on the same page
[00:20:25 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : which means the activity level of these forums needs to pick up also welcome back ginoman
[00:20:27 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Thats because we don't get into each others way. I'm not tying to bump into people while I play of give them a double kill
[00:21:35 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : okay, say none of the "head" guys are playing with the recruits and we're all assigned to pretty much the same thing.. we no longer have a head person to switch it up for us.. and let's be honest.. some people get down right PISSED when shit starts to happen
[00:21:54 08/01/12] giomarman123 : i get pissed
[00:21:56 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : i do not understand that comment
[00:22:01 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : could you clairfy?
[00:22:04 08/01/12] shaquestafields : i volunteer for halo.. but i wanna run customs on maps so i can get my points across
[00:22:37 08/01/12] giomarman123 : when shit goes bad in a game. i get pissed
[00:22:57 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : yea you need to calm that down
[00:23:10 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : too easy to make come backs in game to have people fly off the handle when something doesn't go their way
[00:23:26 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : well thats why I have made a decision and maybe this will work for halo as well
[00:23:30 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : everyone is assigned a role because that is what they are good at.. 4 people are playing and none of us work the same way and we're dying left and right because we can't play with each other
[00:23:37 08/01/12] nilmethod : as far as points are concerned, if we're playing as a team, you need to ignore your personal stats/scores
[00:24:06 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I have to disagree with that point nil
[00:24:35 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but, if all 4 of us were well versed in almost every area because of style changes or practicing with different weapons and tactics, we stand a better chance
[00:24:46 08/01/12] Bylerboy : omg is right, its not like we have people to use a meat shields ya know, that really isnt a play style lol
[00:24:51 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : me to if you are dieing alot ur hurting ur team and need to fix it
[00:25:44 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : ... all i'm saying is we need to get together, figure out what we're best at, or have someone do it for us, and then work on other details and almost ignore what we are already inclined to do to get more familiar with the other areas so that I can back up OMg when he's moving around from a sniping position when ARmord isn't around.. rather than my usual follow at a distance and get someone that come out in front of me for him
[00:26:30 08/01/12] giomarman123 : i second that^^
[00:26:53 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so you are proposing everyone has a role
[00:26:58 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : and everyone becomes a jack of all trades
[00:27:02 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : yes, but a person shouldn't be more concerned with themselves than their team.. if omg goes 20 and 2.. we could still lose because the rest of his team is 3 and 20
[00:27:03 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : at the same time
[00:27:35 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : yes 20, at least find the other areas that a person could be potentially really good at instead of them stuck on one thing..
[00:27:50 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that only comes with skill level
[00:28:01 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : If I am sniping and I tried 5 times in a row, a person is going to expect me to do it again, but if I become good at being sneaky, they won't expect to be stabbed in the back
[00:28:15 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : like I work well with shaq, i know how he plays he knows how I play, and I know he is good with a wraith and he knows I am good with a sniper
[00:28:17 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : hence why I think that we need to work on the areas on PURPOSE
[00:28:26 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : but we both know we coudl easily switch and he snipes and i use the tank if need be
[00:28:34 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : or whatever the case may be
[00:29:04 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : see soskie that sounds like you want everyone capable of being a lone wolf diva
[00:29:05 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Well again this all goes back to studying what classes guns and other stuff works. Keep in mind that a tatic may work on noobs but not pros and then there is different maps
[00:29:06 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but there are people that just CAN'T do it
[00:30:17 08/01/12] MidCASH MONEY : hey i gotta go
[00:30:28 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : Ok midcash
[00:30:39 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : if you are out anythign you feel needs to be addressed befor eyou leave
[00:31:15 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : example i can NOT quick scope to save my life, but I might get lucky once or twice in a week... other people could get that quicker than shit but didn't know it because they never really wanted to try it.. they prefer running around and shooting people all the time
[00:31:30 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : he said he would like to address you typing 20 lol
[00:31:45 08/01/12] Bylerboy : ^lawlz
[00:31:52 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : gdiaf omg
[00:32:51 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : ok lets wrap this part up, everyone come up with a statement to sum up their position on this issue so we can reach a census
[00:33:49 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I think that practicing and listening to each other would be a great place to start.
[00:34:09 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : This is my conclusion.... Yah we can write stratergies thats cool but when it comes to game play its going to change because of situation
[00:34:26 08/01/12] nilmethod : playing together will organically form positions and "teams"
[00:34:32 08/01/12] giomarman123 : to start the strategy thing we just gotta get people used to callouts
[00:34:32 08/01/12] nilmethod : just play together, regularly
[00:34:35 08/01/12] Bylerboy : idk if i can say much, its very rare that i get to play in a group with you guys, so im not sure if i would have a accurate statement on the topic
[00:34:36 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Byler stop touching yourself and answer the question
[00:34:44 08/01/12] nilmethod : everyone will learn where they fit in
[00:35:02 08/01/12] giomarman123 : what part of map and how many enemys so nobody runs into the same problem that killed you
[00:35:05 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : this is true nil
[00:35:18 08/01/12] Bylerboy : i typed mine omg a second faster...WHILE touching myself xD
[00:35:29 08/01/12] Bylerboy : which means your a slow typer
[00:35:44 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : slower then you splatted on your self
[00:35:53 08/01/12] Bylerboy : haha
[00:35:55 08/01/12] giomarman123 : im touching my shoulder..
[00:36:01 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface :
[00:36:02 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : wow really ladys
[00:36:20 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : --- if anyone wants to look me up on facebook!
[00:36:21 08/01/12] Bylerboy : >.> omg started it
[00:36:27 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : alright so here is the deal
[00:36:31 08/01/12] giomarman123 : so a horse walks into a bar
[00:36:33 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : does that mean i'm a dude armored!?
[00:36:37 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : so whats up Im here for a min
[00:36:53 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : settle down folks so we can get through this
[00:37:00 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : you have a dick dont you soskie lol
[00:37:15 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : here is the deal
[00:37:41 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : you guys all of you need practice
[00:37:51 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : if not in the games then with each other
[00:38:03 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : you need to be verstile not just in play style but with players
[00:38:23 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so come to the forums, post your ideas, tactics and make plans on the forums. Play in game
[00:38:35 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : and everyone needs to decide two things they consider themselves good at
[00:38:42 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : also look here
[00:38:44 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas :
[00:38:48 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : well I can put people thru the Armored training camp like I did omg
[00:38:54 08/01/12] giomarman123 : sex, drugs, violence
[00:38:54 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : and determine where you think you fit on that
[00:38:55 08/01/12] Bylerboy : playing in game by myself sucks tho haha but i get your point
[00:39:00 08/01/12] giomarman123 : oh wait thats 3
[00:39:09 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : 20 watch how your phrase your wording
[00:39:10 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : you don't play by yourself you play with a clan member
[00:39:14 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : always run with a clan member
[00:39:31 08/01/12] Bylerboy : its very rare that i get to run with a member lol
[00:39:38 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : he does if he dosnt have mw3 20
[00:39:39 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : then make it common
[00:39:52 08/01/12] Bylerboy : oh i try lol, i just fail at it lol
[00:40:15 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : I play with him from time to time
[00:40:26 08/01/12] Bylerboy : lol again, rare
[00:41:05 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so little bit of homework for folks. Everyone needs to either make a new thread or post twice with in the tactics area by this time next week
[00:41:38 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I have an issue that will arrise I am sure
[00:41:41 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : true Byler but I know your what your good at and thats sniping B
[00:42:03 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : you say never run alone.. and i'm hoping that there will be more than 1 clan member on at a time on the game I am playing
[00:42:06 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : any commenst questions or concerns?
[00:42:13 08/01/12] Bylerboy : i know, but sniping isnt that fun to me
[00:42:22 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but I have played w/ people I would down right REFUSE to play with just the two of us
[00:42:36 08/01/12] nilmethod : setting post quotas will yield posts with poor content
[00:42:38 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : If i am playing with a group of people and that person that's fine..
[00:42:39 08/01/12] Bylerboy : i second soskie
[00:43:04 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but I will NOT run with a person that will do nothing but RAGE the whole time they're playing for one reason or another
[00:43:50 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : welcome back shaq
[00:43:51 08/01/12] Bylerboy : damn, a hour has past already?
[00:43:54 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : who do we know like that Kim?
[00:43:58 08/01/12] shaquestafields : fell asleep
[00:44:02 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : yea hence why i am trying to wrap this up
[00:44:05 08/01/12] shaquestafields : lol
[00:44:19 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I know several people like that.. and that's why they're not on my friends list anymroe
[00:44:29 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : i love you guys i really do but I don't want to keep you here all night.
[00:44:37 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : also lets keep backbitting to a minimum
[00:44:41 08/01/12] Bylerboy : its not like i have anything better to do lol
[00:45:03 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : thats why Im trying to out the issue 20
[00:45:35 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : always better just to take the person aside for that kind of stuff until an intervention is needed
[00:45:38 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i'm not talking about backbitting.. i'm simply saying it I can't stand playing with a person because they don't know how to chill and enjoy it I will not invite them to play with me if he's the only other clan member on
[00:46:01 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : also.. being a female, I won't play with someone that will do nothing but hit on me the whole stinking time like i've had happen before in a clan
[00:46:03 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : that is fine
[00:46:11 08/01/12] Bylerboy : noted
[00:46:16 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : not a rule to play with a clan member it is a highly recommened suggestion
[00:46:36 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : okay, I just wanted to bring that point up because you said never play alone
[00:46:36 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : True
[00:46:39 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : but not a rule this is a try hard clan but it is lax at the same time
[00:47:01 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I respect that soskie so u need to stop hitting on me shesh
[00:47:04 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : we accept and accomidate both kinds of players, with ranking systems and self built teams under this banner
[00:47:36 08/01/12] Bylerboy : just for the record, i dont like playing alone >.< just sayin, i get vereeeerry lonely lol..and those green triangles are idiots xD
[00:47:43 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : So, if I have a serious problem with someone.. who do I go to?
[00:47:51 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : I agree but people who let others die for a cool kill came will not be tolerated
[00:48:07 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : anyone with a 501st tag normally but for now either myself or armored
[00:48:10 08/01/12] Bylerboy : i have never let you guys die for a kill cam
[00:48:16 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : I for things said on the forums, rule breaking and halo
[00:48:20 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : armored for mw3 stuff
[00:48:24 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : well mw stuff
[00:48:36 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : Me or 20
[00:48:43 08/01/12] Bylerboy : ive read the rule breaking and everything else
[00:48:44 08/01/12] giomarman123 : mw
[00:48:50 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : but what if I genuinly have a problem with a person.... being a male you wouldn't understand
[00:49:08 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : psh bull kim
[00:49:16 08/01/12] Bylerboy : being a male?
[00:49:24 08/01/12] Bylerboy : are you talkin about people hittin on you?
[00:49:25 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : erm no one says you have to play with said person you know.
[00:49:29 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : yes, yall are men, so you wouldn't know!
[00:49:30 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : Im not partail you should know that
[00:49:47 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : like i know you don't like playign with flirtous girls who die and waste peoples time
[00:49:58 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : and i have not played with you on the regular in a while.
[00:49:58 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : I don't think clan members are hitting on you
[00:50:02 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i've had a harrassment problem before and he was my "higher up" so there was NO ONE to go to
[00:50:33 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : well Armored and I are the highest up you can go and Armored is married
[00:50:45 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : and I know you are married and that your husband could very well kick my ass
[00:50:46 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i'm not talking about hey byler and I are gonna be in private for a while
[00:51:04 08/01/12] Bylerboy : we are?
[00:51:06 08/01/12] Bylerboy : o.O
[00:51:12 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : so you should be safe coming to us
[00:51:30 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i'm talking about the possibility of having a new clan member being all about so what are you wearing and like REALLY trying to do the private thing for SERIOUS reasons
[00:52:19 08/01/12] Bylerboy : oh, well if they are a new members, it wouldnt be hard to kick them all you probably should let 20, armored or omg know
[00:52:21 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : okay and yes Byler we were.. such exstacy you can't even remember
[00:52:36 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Wait I thought most people think you are a 10yr old boy
[00:52:48 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : 12... get it right
[00:53:04 08/01/12] Bylerboy : exstacy?
[00:53:07 08/01/12] Bylerboy : what are you talkin about? lol
[00:53:09 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : lmao
[00:53:15 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : Soskie if some one is harrassing you we would talk to the poor deluded kid for starters and if he keeps pulling stupid shit
[00:53:20 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : Plus we have a policy about that. If I find out that someone is doing that we will kick them
[00:53:22 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : well we don't need that here
[00:53:37 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : u agree 20
[00:53:39 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : extacy
[00:53:40 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : I want this to be a community that people can come to and feel excited about being a apart of
[00:53:46 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : thats settled
[00:53:55 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : anything else?
[00:54:05 08/01/12] Bylerboy : im still confused
[00:54:22 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : okay, I just wanted to know who I could turn these sorry ass excuses for little boys into
[00:54:30 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : just keep ur hands on the keyboard byler
[00:54:30 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : it's okay Byler, I remember
[00:54:34 08/01/12] Bylerboy : lmao
[00:54:40 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : if thats it i will list the last things on the agenda then
[00:54:53 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : yes plz
[00:54:58 08/01/12] ArmoredNinja : ok
[00:55:41 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : ok so we need more activity on the forums. Feel free to recruit clan members who do not play games if they seem like they would be a help to building a commuity on the forums
[00:55:59 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : Bam said sry, I have to talk to you later, but he got the main jist of the meeting.
[00:56:09 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : lookign in to graphic designers in order to spruce up the place and gives us our own unquie look and feel
[00:56:27 08/01/12] Bylerboy : oh 20, megan said she doesnt mind helping out btw
[00:56:38 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : Awesome!
[00:56:59 08/01/12] Bylerboy : just give me a few things sometime in a fb message so i dont lose em and we can get work done
[00:57:04 08/01/12] Omgxnotxdaxface : everyone on mw3 join my live party
[00:57:10 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : a notable goal of this clan is building up our own culture, which will of course happen organically but, we do need to start
[00:57:12 08/01/12] Bylerboy : *forever alone*
[00:57:42 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : we are still on a recruitment drive. Our current goal is 10 new members for the month of january
[00:58:00 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : I <3 you Byler.. I will play with you next time i'm on for an extended time IF you are on!
[00:58:07 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : for halo nilmethod has been working on a stat system. If you would like to be added please let him know
[00:58:22 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : 10 new 20, or 10 SERIOUS new
[00:58:24 08/01/12] Bylerboy : lol
[00:58:51 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : 10 serious new clan members
[00:58:52 08/01/12] nilmethod : i haven't bumped it over the holiday because i've been pretty busy
[00:58:57 08/01/12] Bylerboy : i think we should have a mw2 session today >.< just cause you all love me
[00:59:05 08/01/12] nilmethod : i'm going up to kc for work next week, but i should be able to tear back into it next friday
[00:59:15 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : thats cool nilmethod
[00:59:27 08/01/12] SilentSoskie : i have mw3 thing to go to.. bed and tomorrow I have a birthday party to host for my daughter
[00:59:33 08/01/12] Liike20ninjas : alright well thats really all i had for this meeting

Summary: Incoming....


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Clan meeting mintues Empty Re: Clan meeting mintues

Post  Gramtoren on Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:15 am

1st Meeting of the Clan:

Clan member introductions
-Member List

Talks about how the forum should be used

Game/Teamwork/Tactics Discussion
-How to go about building a team w/ roles
-Player Type FAQ

Dealing with internal conflict in the clan

(Plenty of extra conversation throughout, but this is a decent summary of the topics discussed. Next time, can people cut down on the extra talking so that it's easier to follow through the log? It speeds things along, people don't have to repeat themselves multiple times, and it's a bit more professional, not to mention courteous. You have the rest of the forum to make jokes, use it.)


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