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Post  shaquestafields on Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:25 am

Hi guys,
Spartan Armour here. (My account is shaquestafields but I'm playing on Spartan.) My tag is 501D, but I'm also seen rocking my Bulletproof tag IBPS. Been playing Reach since it came out and I like to consider myself a specialist in heavy weapons, piloting, and most of the time, sniping. I also do pretty well with a DMR and ground vehicles. I offer my services to any new members by playing competitive games or custom games to help teach weapon spawns, power locations, map callouts, and general map movement progression. Hit me up at Spartan Armour if you want to play; I'll be happy to oblige, but I will preemptively apologize for my complaints about grenades in-game. lol. I hope you guys take me up in my instructional offer, and I'll see you in Reach.


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