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Post  SilentSoskie on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:16 am

Hey Everyone, I want to welcome ChaousTheory07 to the Clan of the SITH, may he totally rock the house with everyone! Most of the clan members have played with him in previous games, got a chance to chat with him in a party, so add him to your list and remember to invite him to games!

However, let's not forget any new members that we have from here on out! I am the bringer of ChaousTheory07-aka Kinney-, let me know who you've brought in so that we can all make warm welcomes to YOUR friend and OUR family!

Keep them coming everyone, just remember that we want super starts to rock the world with us, not rage, quit or disregard the rules that we hold here with the 501st Syndicate!

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