My fear of the New Halo Series

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My fear of the New Halo Series Empty My fear of the New Halo Series

Post  Liike20ninjas on Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:00 am

Lets be honest, I have no idea what enemy we will face, what weapons we will have, or at the end of this master chief will have some superior form magical suit thingy that wipes out the galaxy as he becomes a halo ring. I don't know where they plan to take my hero.

Yet that isn't my biggest fear. NO mine is that this will end up like the star wars Prequels. Everyone on the project will be a yes man. Everyone on the project will simply be like THAT IS A GREAT IDEA... to every lame as stupid plot point/idea brought up. That instead we get some developers wet dream of how he wants to make love to halo...instead of giving us more Halo.

Thats my beef with the new series.


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