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Post  shaquestafields on Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:25 pm

You may think your game is fame but I make you lame,
All I can blame are the dome shots when the red dots,
Make you blood clot when I throw my grenades
make niggas dance to promenades and serenades
of "what!?"s and "Fuck!"s as I roll like trucks
through you weak crew, you know my nuts will soon feed you
cuz my skills of kills don't make me feel
as though another shot of AR will leave battle scars
I'll scar your brain make it throb with pain
as my homies runnin' train with all the kills we claim.
I jus grab my shottie thrust n bust into yo body
Like Gotti, it's a must to just clutch what you got
Make note that I'm bigger as I'm pullin my my trigger
whether with my pistol or a whip I equip
more mags than the fags you've blown
shoot my gats and pick up the ammo you've thrown
Just take my throne as the illest gunslinger in the east,
playin so hard that Bungie knows I'm the beast

You know it's about the red vs blue,
When shaq grabs da rocks you don't know what to do
except run and hide, but shit, you done died,
Until the next time you spawn your safe from my gun.
I grab my snipe with 12 shots for your jet pack ass,
takin you to class with my red dots bein dead shots.
you tryin to flank bitch? know your rank bitch
cuz it's experience ya lackin must be ya dick ya whackin
cuz I kill you before u see, throw ya controller at ya TV
it's frustration and menstruation causin a situation, makin ego inflation
for my MLG's with SMG's....
We'll rock you on Reach or Halo 3....

You say you wanna 2v2 with me and CU?
We said you ain't got a clue of what you're into.
I'll switch to the magnum to make the fight fair
But when the sniper spawns it's macabre fanfare,
cuz when you step into the arena you've made a mistake
you got yo wood rank, but my onyx is at stake,
you're likely to quit out with your dignity intact
you're just another victim of a Bulletproof attack,
cuz we don't fuck around with the game
Our elite status brings us fame,
Cuz when you see the Mokto, Shaquesta, and King,
You throw in the towel before you step in the ring
That's a wise choice, you better rejoice
Cuz I'd just stand over you so you can hear my voice.

I make you quit out before Luke owes me a steak,
I'll show ya me K/D is real and yo campin shit is fake,
Put my sack on your face and show my disgust,
I turn your brain into splatter and ya bones to dust,
4 Shots and a dome without gettin touched,
Run over yo ass to letcha hear my "UUUUGGGHH"
There musta been a mixup cuz this ain't a fair fixup
I was expecting a battle, but I just herded you like cattle..

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