Working on a new spoken-word piece

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Working on a new spoken-word piece Empty Working on a new spoken-word piece

Post  shaquestafields on Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:09 pm

Working on a new spoken word piece comprised of alliterations/consonance.... As it is difficult to think in alliteration, it is going slowly... but let me know what you think thus far and I shall update it.

Bringing back the bad from behind my bastion. My eyes follow you from the door, fancying your fashion. I gaze at your gait growing gregariously. I beg you, brown haired beaut, don't bat your big brown eyes at bashful ol' me.
You slow down the setting so I shall not forget, the remedial ruses that I really regret. A lifetime of longing, loneliness and lament. My mind did not muster what my measly heart meant.

My vivacious venom, this vixen of vexation, I'm sorry my soul can't stop its sensation. I know I'm not worthy of your knowledge or respect, but appeasing what pleases me isn't as easy as I'd expect.


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